Gold's Gym                                                                              

910 E. Eisenhower Blvd.                                                        

Loveland, CO 80537                                                              


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Class Schedule 



ATAFMA Loveland is growing!    With one location already located inside Gold's Gym, ATAFMA Loveland is NOW also located within Loveland's newset athletic culb the Loveland Athletic Club. Both locations are centrally located and accessible to all Loveland residents. With two location, Loveland students will have 4 options a week for class times, check the schedule for complete class times.  The instructors, lead by head instructor Mr. Joe Forster, are dedicated to teaching the principles of Taekwondo and encouraging the students to be the best they can be.  Like other ATAFMA schools ATAFMA Loveland boasts an exceptional Karate for Kids and Adult program.












Mr. Joe Forster

2nd Degree Black Belt/Certified Instructor


Mr. Forster started his ATA training in California under Master Del Rio. He then moved to Colorado and joined ATAFMA in 2007, where he became the head instructor of ATAFMA Loveland when it opened in 2011.  Mr. Forster teaches Loveland students respect and discipline in a fun atmosphere.  Mr. Forster is known for his attention to details and teaching proper technique.  In 2008 Mr. Forster placed second in the world in forms and sparring!



State Champ: 2007, 2008, 2011; Top Ten: 2008 Region 109 Level 2 2012, Single SSahng Joel Bong(nunchuck), First Aid and CPR

Mrs. Rebeca Imgrund
4th degree black belt/certified instructor
Mrs. Imgrund has been training in the martial arts for over 20 years and has been involved in teaching for over 20 years. She originally started with Senior Master Cross and has practice with him until 2012.  She has several national, and state championship titles throughout the years. Top ten in Worlds competitions, ranked #1 several times. Her focus is on fitness, self defense, and sparring training. She Believes martial arts is a great foundation for success in life and everyone can accomplish things if they have discipline and determination.