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ATA Family Martial Arts

As a proud member of the American Taekwondo Association, the largest centrally-managed martial arts system in the world, ATA Family Martial Arts has been offering Northern Colorado an unparalleled taekwondo experience since 2005. Our classes teach students how to use blocks, strikes, and kicks, as well as how to put the moves together and use them in a practical scenario thanks to our powerful and constantly expanding self defense system. And, most importantly of all, we teach moral values such as respect and discipline so students know not only how to use taekwondo, but when to use it.  Each of our taekwondo schools has an upbeat, family-friendly atmosphere and a diverse, flexible schedule. This means that all students can take class in a safe environment at a time convenient for them. Our classes are even divided into programs specifically tailored to fit many different age groups, so all of our students can learn, get the exercise they need, and have fun every time they come in.

All of this is possible because of our nationally-certified instructors. Each staff member at ATA FMA is ready to challenge students to do their best, work with them on a personal level, and ensure that they have fun at every taekwondo class regardless of age or gender.

Whether you are 4 or 104, ATA Family Martial Arts has a program for you!




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ATAFMA Black Belt Testing Sept 6

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