At ATA Family Martial Arts, we’re proud to offer classes for young children where they can learn discipline, self-control, and fundamental skills. Our Tiny Tigers class is designed for ages four to six, and it’s a great way to introduce your child to taekwondo and the practice of martial arts. We love seeing new kids sign up for this class, and the excitement they have for learning the techniques and coordination associated with martial arts training.

What to Expect

As a parent, you might be hesitant to register your young child for a taekwondo class, and that’s why our staff and teachers are always happy to answer any questions you may have. You can expect a welcoming environment where your child will be safe, and we always integrate parent participation into our Tiny Tigers classes. We understand that you want to be able to talk to your child about the importance of martial arts, and when it’s appropriate to use the skills that they are learning.

Our Focus

The focus of our Tiny Tigers classes is to teach the fundamentals that a student can carry into our Karate Kids and teen and adult programs. We work on active listening skills so that your child won’t miss important instructions, and we provide a safe space where they can burn off all the energy they have. We expect them to respect the instructor, the other students, and their parents, and we always have a monthly life skills lesson.

Register Today

If you’re interested in starting your child’s martial arts training at a young age, then register them today! We have locations in Aurora and Centennial, CO, as well as Forney, TX. The staff at each studio is more than willing to help you find the right class for your child. Sign up your Tiny Tiger now!

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