Dedicated to the proper and formal training of taekwondo, we offer a wide variety of age-specific classes and advanced instruction for students of all ages and abilities. Combining fun with technical training, our instructors provide personalized attention and guidance in an effort to build confidence and improve athletic performance.

Tiny Tigers

Ages 4-6


  • Fundamentals of Martial Arts
  • Active listening and focus skills
  • Basic coordination and balance
  • Respect for teachers, students and Parents
  • Discipline and Self-Control
  • Parent participation
  • Monthly Life Skills Focus
  • High energy exercise!

Karate Kids

Ages 7-12


  • Traditional Martial Arts Program
  • Self confidence and self esteem
  • Respect and discipline
  • Physical and mental conditioning
  • School and home integration
  • Bully Prevention training
  • Self-Defense Training
  • Sparring and weapons training
  • Leadership Oppurtunities

Teens & Adults

Ages 13+


  • Traditional Martials Arts Program
  • Physical conditioning
  • Weight Loss
  • Increase flexibility and balance
  • Combatives/Self-Defense training
  • Sparring and weapons training
  • Focus and reaction drills
  • Board Breaks
  • Leadership/Instructor Opportunities

What to expect

Always welcoming new students, we work to limit the nervousness and apprehension felt by many during their first class. By grouping students of like abilities and ages, we work to make every new student feel comfortable and excited about martial arts.

Classroom Protocol

At ATA FMA, it is imperative to our mission that all students respect the centuries-old traditions and expectations of martial arts training. Upon entering and exiting class, we ask all students to bow towards the American and Korean flags. The highest-ranked student will then prompt classmates to repeat the Songahm creed. All students and instructors will be addressed formally with titles of Miss, Mrs. or Mr. before their last name. Sir and ma’am are also expected, showing respect to all.  

The ATA FMA Family

In addition to weekly scheduled classes, we offer a variety of activities. You and your family can enjoy making new friends through summer camps, birthday parties, leadership seminars, public demonstrations, picnics and other hosted events.

Physical and Mental Conditioning

Challenging the mind as much as the body, taekwondo emphasizes both physical and mental workouts. Training to be a successful martial artist requires all-encompassing strength and prowess, moving beyond the physical, embodying spiritual and emotional fortitude as well. Your instructor will push you to develop all aspects of the mind/body/spirit connection.

We invite you to challenge yourself and your family with martial arts. Serving both Denver, Colorado and Forney, Texas, our programs encourage and develop character, integrity, strength, confidence, and self-discipline.


Basic Program

Black Belt Club

Leadership Program


The study of martial arts can help students of all ages understand basic physics, anatomy and mathematical concepts. As a Dignity Kids Affiliate, ATA FMA is dedicated to help children succeed in all areas of their lives. We provide free STEM based programs for local school systems and incorporate both academic and character building aspects into the martial arts training offered at our facility. Martial Arts are a fun way to get fit, grow academically and learn to protect oneself. Download the PDF now.