If you’re interested in martial arts classes in Aurora, then let ATA Family Martial Arts help you find the perfect fit. We have classes for kids, teens, and adults, and we’re dedicated to the proper training of taekwondo. We love helping people build confidence through training and working with other students, and we also strive to provide a fun and safe environment for all. Read the posts below to learn more about our martial arts school, as well as some great tips on how taekwondo can benefit you. We look forward to seeing you at our Aurora location very soon!

  1. Signing Up Your Child for Martial Arts

    At ATA Family Martial Arts in Aurora, we’re always excited when a new student joins a class. With programs for ages 4 to 6, 7-12, and 13+, there’s a spot for everyone at our martial arts studio. If you’re a parent who’s considering signing up your child, or your child has expressed interest …Read More