At ATA Family Martial Arts (ATAFMA) in Forney, we love meeting new students and learning what they want to get out of our classes. Some young kids want to practice punches and kicks because they’ve seen their favorite heroes do it, while older kids and adults want to practice discipline and self-control, while also getting in a great workout.

The main thing that can come from practicing punches and kicks and learning new techniques is confidence. At ATAFMA, we want all of our students to feel confident in their ability to learn new things, remember certain disciplines, and handle themselves appropriately in the real world. Martial arts can build confidence in many ways, and in this post, we’ll cover three of those ways.

Confidence in Oneself

As a student goes through our classes, they begin to learn new things about themselves. They learn how coordinated they are, how strong they are, and how well they listen to instruction. They will be challenged both physically and mentally, and as they overcome those challenges and reach new belt ranks, they’ll begin to become more confident in oneself and their abilities to take on obstacles. Their mental strength will improve, and they’ll know how to take care of themselves, and defend themselves if need be.

Confidence in One’s Abilities

Many students, especially young ones, begin their martial arts training because they’ve been made fun of for being smaller or weaker than others in their age group. They want to feel strong, and with each class, a student will learn new techniques that strengthen their physical abilities and give them confidence when dealing with bullying and similar circumstances. Physical retaliation is never taught in our classes, and we strive to teach our students how to resolve problems peacefully. However, if a student is ever forced to defend themselves from physical attack, they’ll have confidence in their ability to do so.

Confidence in Each Other

One of the greatest things about our martial arts classes is that they help students build friendships with others their own age. A student may not have had too many friends before they joined our studio, and now they’ve met those with similar interests and backgrounds as themselves. As time passes and more classes are completed, students can begin to have confidence in each other, knowing that they have each other’s back in anything that comes along. Lifelong friendships can be built by simply being in the same class as another student for several years.

At ATAFMA in Forney, we want every student to have confidence in themselves, in their abilities, and in each other. If you’re interested in signing up for martial arts training, or you have a young child who wants to start taking classes, then please visit us today. We’re open Monday through Friday from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm, with classes for all age groups throughout the week.

Contact us today to learn about our three-week free trial. We look forward to hearing from you!