1. Martial Arts and Personal Fitness

    At ATA Family Martial Arts in Centennial, one of our primary goals is to help people of all ages learn the discipline and focus that comes with practicing taekwondo. On top of discipline and focus, however, comes the benefit of a physical workout. Each adult martial arts class provides the opportuni…Read More

  2. New to the Area? Visit Your Local Martial Arts Studio!

    Moving to a new town or city can be very exciting, but for young children, it can be overwhelming. They are going to a completely new place where they don’t know anyone, and they’ve left everything and everyone familiar behind. At ATA Family Martial Arts in Centennial, our martial arts classes c…Read More

  3. Signing Up Your Child for Martial Arts

    At ATA Family Martial Arts in Aurora, we’re always excited when a new student joins a class. With programs for ages 4 to 6, 7-12, and 13+, there’s a spot for everyone at our martial arts studio. If you’re a parent who’s considering signing up your child, or your child has expressed interest …Read More