Welcome to ATAFMA, serving the Aurora and Centennial area for over 25yrs.  As part of the ATA (ataonline.com) we strive to bring the best martial arts instruction to our students.  We promise our instructors will go above and beyond to help you or your student succeed.  Our goal is to help every member to achieve their goal of becoming a black belt.  We teach all ages from 4 to adult, so no matter who you are we can help you achieve your goals.

ATAFMA strives to create the best family friendly environment for all students.  While on mats we focus on teaching our students leadership skills, confidence, discipline, and self control. Our goal is create well rounded martial artists.  Our classes involve cardio, muscle development and traditional taekwondo training.  While our goal is for our students to learn self-defense and confidence to protect themselves we also want our students to understand when to use it.  Our instructors also trained to work with students with different abilities ranging from students with ADHD to students with autism.  Off the mat we offer students and parents an experience that goes beyond the floor.  Through community events, summer camps, birthday parties, Rockies games, and summer picnics we have something for everyone to enjoy and be part of.

Why Our Instructors are the Best:

As part of the ATA, our instructors go through a 3 year certification process gaining hundreds of hours of on the mat experience teaching and learning before testing to become a certified instructor. In today’s environment we understand the your child safety is your number one priority and we share that mindset.  As part of the ATA, our instructors are required to pass annual background checks and are CPR/First aid certified.  ATA follows the guidelines put forth by the Safe Sport Act and our instructors regularly receive follow on training from our parent organization the ATA to ensure the best quality and up to date instruction for you and your child. Our Instructor team is lead by ATAFMA’s Owner and 7th Degree Black Belt, Senior Master Ramsey Cross, Colorado’s highest ranking black belt in the ATA.

Taekwondo: Sport or Activity?

Everyone enrolls in Taekwondo for different reasons.  At ATAFMA we cater to all interests by offering different programs to give each student the experience they are looking for.  Our main program is a traditional Taekwondo training environment.  Students progress through the ranks through regularly scheduled testings (about every 2 months).  At ATAFMA student enrolling in to our traditional program can expect to achieve their 1st degree black belt with in 3yrs.  For those looking for more, we also offer a competitive program as well.  As part of the ATA we participate in 4 regional tournaments a year, 2 national events, and 1 world championships.  Internationally, students can participate in Pan-American Championship and European Championships.  All students are welcome to participate in tournaments and have the opportunity to travel across the country and world competing.  For more info on competition and rules go to www.ataonline.com


As a independently owned franchise ATAFMA offers competitive pricing and amazing family rates.  We offer a 3 week FREE trial to start and our basic program starts at $119/month for unlimited classes (up to 5 a week if you want).  We try to make our program affordable and flexible so the whole family can participate.  Our great family rates keeps the cost down and makes our program is something the whole family can do together.  “A family that kicks together, sticks together!”