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Louisville, CO 80027


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Partnered with Senior Master Ramsey Cross and Master Gary Betts, ATAFMA Lousiville is ATA Family Martial Arts newest location.  We are proud to bring long standing traditions and exceptional martial arts to the Louisville area.  Our staff in Lousiville have a wide range of martial arts experience and are dedicated to passing their knowledge on to the students. Our Lousiville Karate for Kids program is growing fast, so don't miss out on what everyone in Lousiville is talking about!




Mr. Jon Fragoso

4th Degree Black Belt/ Certified Instructor


Mr. Fragoso started in the ATA back in Las Vegas, Nevada under Master Brandon.  After moving to Colorado to earn his mechanical engineering degree from University of Colorado, Mr. Fragoso joined ATAFMA Boulder.  He is now the head instructor of ATAFMA Boulder and continues to grow the school through his leadership and dedication.  As a former national champ, Mr. Fragoso is known for his attention to details and ability to motivate the students in and outside of class to be their best.



National Champ: 2004; Region 109, Certified Instructor; First Aid and CPR



Mr. Sean Miller

2nd Degree Black Belt/ Certified Instructor


Mr. Miller started with the ATA in 2005 under Mr. Kenny Overby.  After graduating high school, Mr. Miller moved to Boulder, CO and is currently studying mechanical engineering at the University of Colorado.  Mr. Miller has been teaching since 2007 and is known for his exceptional Tiny Tiger classes.  As engineering student, Mr. Miller provides students with a unique opportunity to understand the physics behind Taekwondo and our self-defense program.  Mr. Miller is currently the Co-Head Instructor of ATAFMA Boulder.



State Champ: Triple Crown 2007, Region 109, Certified Instructor; First Aid and CPR



Mr. Brian Kraus

2nd Degree Black Belt/ Certified Instructor


Mr. Kraus is the current program director of ATAFMA.  He began his Taekwondo training in 1998 under the World Taekwondo Federation, where he earned his first degree black belt.  After moving to Fort Collins, CO to attend Colorado State University, Mr. Kraus joined ATAFMA to continue his training under the American Taekwondo Association.  Mr. Kraus has a bachelor's degree in Criminology from Colorado State University and is a former Sergeant in the United State Marine Corps.  Mr. Kraus emphasizes discipline and respect on the floor, while challenging all students to do their best.



State Champ: 2012,Top Ten 2012, Region 109, Certified Instructor, 2012, Warrior X-Fit Level 1, Single Ssahng Joel Bong, ATA Bully Prevention Specialist, First Aid and CPR Certified